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Axium Shipping in the Press / Media

What Our Clients Say

  • Axium Shipping Co., Ltd. is a true pleasure to work with. They are timely, professional, organized and customer service oriented. In short they are everything that you would expect from a shipping company at the top of their game.
    Ben M.
  • Axium Shipping has been our main Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder since 2009. They have been an important player in our growing import business. Axium has always, in our name, looked for the best transportation conditions and the lowest rates.
    Jose G.
  • As with all companies, Axium Shipping’s greatest assets are its employees. Adjectives that describe them are dedicated, driven, meticulous, tenacious and vigilant. Our contacts at Axium are dedicated to excellence in all they do. They are meticulous in every detail of their work and every document they handle and process.
  • We have worked with Axium Shipping for more than 6 years and rely on them 100% for all our international import brokerage and traffic needs. They communicate with us daily keeping us continuously updated on the status of all our air and sea shipments from ex-factory overseas to delivery in our warehouse.
    Tyra C.

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